We Here At The Social Circle Have Recently Been
Primarily Promoting Our Lead Hip Hop Artist, Richy Ridiculous,
Due To The Fact That
We Are...Ummm..."Re-Defining" Our Team Entirely...

However, Today We Have Good News!!!!
We Finally Found Out Where John Joseph Has Been Hiding lol...
We All Knew He Was Already A Great Artist/Producer/Engineer
But Now He Has Created A New Name For Himself 
As A Full Time Producer!
He Now Goes By The Title "Payges" And Is Releasing (among other things)
A Multitude Of Original Instrumental Albums
Via His New Website www.sensei-lounge.com

Will Do Our Best To Integrate Sensei Lounge Into Our Website Also...
Stay Tuned


Ummm....Okay....We Know Exactly What You're Thinking
"We Haven't Even Heard #WellSpoken Yet So 
What The Hell Is #BlackGold And When Is It Dropping?"

Well, From What We Have Been Told About This Next Project
From Richy Ridiculous, #BlackGold Will Technically
Be His Second Original EP...(NOT A MIXTAPE!)
We Haven't Heard Anything Else About This
Project But We Love 
The Cover Artwork Which Was Appropriately 
Designed By Rosegold Designs

NEW SONG!!!!!!

Please Enjoy This New Banger By
Richy Ridiculous Featuring Big JC And E Bodi


Surprise!!!!! Richy Ridiculous Just Gave Us #BARS

For Those Of You Who Have Yet To Really Listen To Richy Ridiculous' Lyrics 
This Is #BARS
The Perfect "Starter" Mixtape For You All To Listen To


Well Spoken Tracklist Leaks

So It's Finally Leaked....The Tracklist To Richy Ridiculous' New Mixtape
#WellSpoken And It Appears Very Promising...
With Track Titles Like "The Circle Life" "Made Men" And "Sex Weed
We Can Figure We Will Hear Various Different Styles
Of Hip-Hop On This Highly Anticipated Project.
Also, With Features Including; KJ Da Great, That Star Name Rah, K-$hellz,
John Joseph, E Bodi, Big JC, DIG, And Exposure, Who 
Knows What Gems These New Songs Have To Offer Lyrically.
For More Info On When #WellSpoken Will Be Released

We Now Sell Beats Via The Website!!!!!!!

Yes It's True....Richy Ridiculous Has Decided To Get Back To Selling His Beats
On Soundclick So We Have Decided That We Would
Make Life Easier For You And Make His Beats Available
For Purchase Here On Our Website Instead Of Forcing You To
Simply Click The BEATS Tab To Listen And Buy Your
Instrumentals Now, And For You Aspiring Producers
Richy Ridiculous Has Put Together A Well Sorted Collection
Of The Drum Sounds That He Uses To Make His Beats.
You Can Now Purchase The Richy Ridiculous Drum Kit Here Too.

We Told You So!!!!!!!!!

As We Promised Richy Ridiculous Is Almost Ready To Release His Newest Mixtape "Well Spoken" And As A Reminder He Has Given Us This Track From The Project To Smoke To!!!!!!! It Is Titled "French Inhale" And It Features K-$hellz Of 100% Certified And That Star Name Rah Of Beau Records.....To Further Tease You All He Also Told Us To Mention That This Is Track Number 5 On The Mixtape lol.....Enjoy!

Ummm....Sooooo....Dont Be Mad.....Okay

Yeah That's The Cover Art For Richy Ridiculous' New Mixtape "Well Spoken" Which Is Coming Soon.....What Happpened To Broken Microphones You Say?....Well....Okay So Here's The Deal....There Have Been Some Major Changes Here At The Social Circle....We Have Shifted Our Focus On To The One Artist, Richy Ridiculous, And The One Producer, John Joseph....Any One Else Who Says Anything Else Is Spreading Rumors And Should Be Smacked Immediately....lol....Nah Just Joking....But Yeah Look Forward To Well Spoken....That's All We Can Say At This Point....

New John Joseph Mixtape Track Leaks On 9/11